Name:                                     Hon. Ahmed Saidu Baba

Constituency:                         Gwanabe/Adena/Bani/Gweria

Date of Birth:                         27th December, 1973

Place of Birth:                       Bani, Kaiama Local government



Position:                                 Chairman, House Service

Qualifications:                       Diploma in Sharia and Common Law, SSCE

Institutions Attended:

  1. Justice Fati Lami Abubakar College of Art and Islamic Legal Studies, Kpakungu, Minna Niger State
  2. Army Day Secondary School, Abacha Barracks, Abuja
  3. ZEB Primary School, Bani, Kaiama LGA, Kwara State.

Working Experience:           

Political Experience:             2 times Elected Councilor

                                                2 times Appointed Supervisory Councilor

                                                3 times Appointed as Member of Boards of parastatal